candy bars – the best, the easiest

well, I decided to make my husband happier every day.

day after day he will reach into his pocket and find health, homemade (by his beloved wife) and delicious candy bars. believe me: they are as yummy as quick and easy. just try, and you will see that you will never buy shop-bought candy bars. I promise you.




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warming orange cream soup

I feel orange, without oranges.

like sunny day without the sun that beats down. warm light falls on the worktop and eduses my seams of hope, that goes out and fawns.

my little Berry (my little baby-girl) learns how to use her own voice. from me. and she sqeals.

I drive me hope away. Berry sqeals when she’s fine and wrong, when she’s hungry and frisky. she doesn’t only during eating and sleeping.

I edgily turn the oven on. I will persist in doing this soup. and exactly that I planned. with roasted pepper.

the child have fallen asleep. the soup had a chance to proceed.


carrots, tomatoes, pepper

warming soup

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cream soup



love, spinach, and green bread

love and spinach? a perfect couple. supposing you are tired of passionate red associated with hot feelings towards your partner.

the truth is that love is actually… green. especially when you have a 4 month old baby and you are exhausted being young mother (parent) and really need just rest. then you’re sick and tired of all these red hearts of Valentine’s Day and sweet pink teddy bears. looking at green color makes you calm and compose yourself. 

so I decides bake a bread. a green one.

unfortunately, after a true challenge for breastfeeding my little baby-girl, I had to yield. I as well-intentioned, I wanted to feed for 6 months… but my child decided otherwise. what a shame…

anyway, now I can eat everything. I can even go on a diet (still have baggage of 3 kg).

my plan of creating a new category went off at half cock. shame again…

there is Valentine’s Day today. celebration of red and pink. but not here. here we have the rule of sensuous green.

spinach bread


spinach bread recipe


spinach bread



when my life turns upside down

there are few certain things can turn life upside down.

love, wedding, that first time, pragnancy and finally – birth.

the interesting thing is that when you fall in love, you think that nothing can change your life more… and then you decide to marry someone and only before the altar looking your bridegroom-to-be in the eye, you realize which the border you cross.

but that’s not the end of the story.

when you fancy that this change is beyond your wildest dreams – you conclude you’re pregnant. and now everything seems to change – but primarily in your mind and body – early when you can see your Midget on USG, then looking at your growing bump and feeling fetal movements of the baby and finally when you broke your waters and you are sensible of starting labour.

and then you have no doubt that if you survive the chilbirth you’re a true hero and hardrock.

then you have completely different attitude towards mothers (bearing in natural way). full of respect.

now you know, that nothing will change your life more than coming your baby into the world.


* * *

So, Hanna (for Mommy and Dad: Hania) came into the world. and I am proud of myself that I was able to birth such a beautiful, healthy baby-girl with shock of dark hair and big dark eyes.

she has wise look and disarming smile of Jappanese’s tales of “pokemon”* : eyes like two crescents and cakehole like upturned letter “D”.

now I can hardly focus on anything else than looking at her. even if there are days of sadness, pain of her little belly, weeping and tears…

even though – I am happy (young) mother.


*Jappanese’s tales of “pokemon”- is’t about this famous Jappanese (?) cartoon about the creatures which (only) recall animals and call pokemons.

little head of a baby

today, there’s no recipe. too emotional post to think about food.

however, I decided to add a new category because of breast-feeding: recipes for nursing mothers, called “nursing mother” and I’ll add to this category also previous recipes.


none of these picture is taken by myself.

/my Little Princess won’t be shown in the Internet, sorry/

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my ‘last days of pregnancy’ craving – pear cupcakes full of chocolate

when you think ‘I get all these cravings over me”, suddanly you can see you do not.

couple of days before my  DD (due date) had the strong need of eating chocolate. I felt I really have to capture this particular chocolate bar or that chocolate chip cookie.

it’s not my cup of tea: falling on sweets and chocolate. I don’t really like sugar and all this sweet stuff. so this situation very surprised me. so did my husband.


however I decided to prepare cupcakes by myself not to use ubiquitous unnecessary fat of unknown origin. and another ingredients I don’t know.

so, here you are: moist chocolate pear cupcakes.


pear and chocolate cupcakes


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pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes



polish golden autumn and french onion cream soup

and we have “the golden autumn”, as we called such a time like this in Poland.

the golden autumn it’s not only the trees changing colours and nice weather.
it’s tremendously clean blueness of sky. but deeper than in the summer.
clouds are puffy and white but they don’t resemble topping of whipped cream in the cup of icecream any more.
the rays fall at an different angle than they do in the summer. it seems they are even colder.

if you look around you can see every cast of browns, reds, oranges, yellows.

wherever you are.
and I am here, looking at the orchard with gilding apple trees.
I’m opening the window to let this smell of the autumn in the flat.

I’m going out to smell this flavour of leaves.
I’m wading in settled leaves and turning my face towards the sun.
warm rays warm my cheeks up. I’m closing my eyes, listening the voice of the wind culling leaves from trees.
this rustle is making me quieten.

onion soup



chopped onions

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onion soup

onion soup

onion soup

spacial pancakes to worm up the atmosphere

again. rain, moisture, fog and grey.

again alone. with the sense that my husband is having fun while I’ m sitting and trying to read or focus on something uppermost.

again that undeminished, depressing rain.

all day.

I will make pancakes.


american pancakes


american pancakes


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american pancakes


american pancakes

stores for winter – peach juice

I love it.

the atmosphere of making conserve.

the smell of boiling plum stew, jam, marmalade, confiture.

the sound of poping tops.

the view of filling the store cupboard.


this year I decided to make juices. roaring match to a cup uf tea during winter evenings.


now – peach juice (from polish, small peaches)


peach juice


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peach juice


peach juice

fascination of summer’s flavours – pearmains muffins

acidic apples
light green or yellowish pearmains
like little suns

the last ones
are smiling at me from the basket

redolentt friut can’t get wasted
I have to use them.
in fragrant fluffy pearmains muffins

pearmains muffins apples

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pearmains muffins apples

pearmains muffins apples


pearmains muffins apples

what my husband is able to do – cream soup and white pizza

pale blue walls around me.
typical round lamps above.
metal beds and deteriorated small metal bedside tables.
tiny plastic cups with tablets and pills.

I hate being in the hospital. even if I’m sure that they’re goting to find the reason I have tummy ache and cure me.
on the other hand I love my charming husband. he is able to do things that are beyond his imagination. incredible.

what has he done? beetroot cream soup and amazing pizza.

don’t be delighted: cetring in a hospital is terrible. tasteless, without basic seasoning.
put on weight here – mission impossible.

beetroot cream soup

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beetroot cream soup

beetroot cream soup

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white pizza

white pizza

white pizza

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