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polish golden autumn and french onion cream soup

and we have “the golden autumn”, as we called such a time like this in Poland.

the golden autumn it’s not only the trees changing colours and nice weather.
it’s tremendously clean blueness of sky. but deeper than in the summer.
clouds are puffy and white but they don’t resemble topping of whipped cream in the cup of icecream any more.
the rays fall at an different angle than they do in the summer. it seems they are even colder.

if you look around you can see every cast of browns, reds, oranges, yellows.

wherever you are.
and I am here, looking at the orchard with gilding apple trees.
I’m opening the window to let this smell of the autumn in the flat.

I’m going out to smell this flavour of leaves.
I’m wading in settled leaves and turning my face towards the sun.
warm rays warm my cheeks up. I’m closing my eyes, listening the voice of the wind culling leaves from trees.
this rustle is making me quieten.

onion soup



chopped onions

background_paper_43_onOne - Kopia (20) - Kopia - Kopia - Kopia - Kopia - Kopia


onion soup

onion soup

onion soup

spacial pancakes to worm up the atmosphere

again. rain, moisture, fog and grey.

again alone. with the sense that my husband is having fun while I’ m sitting and trying to read or focus on something uppermost.

again that undeminished, depressing rain.

all day.

I will make pancakes.


american pancakes


american pancakes


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american pancakes


american pancakes

fascination of summer’s flavours – pearmains muffins

acidic apples
light green or yellowish pearmains
like little suns

the last ones
are smiling at me from the basket

redolentt friut can’t get wasted
I have to use them.
in fragrant fluffy pearmains muffins

pearmains muffins apples

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pearmains muffins apples

pearmains muffins apples


pearmains muffins apples

Kruidnoten (Kruidnoot) – the quickest and easiest gingerbreads

funny name: Kruidnoten or Kruidnoot

funny, because it derives from Dutch. no idea what it means. but I know that is the name of small ball-shaped spice cookies, which are given away by Zwarte Pietów, Black Peter during Sinterklaas – Santa Claus. 5th of December in the Netherlands and 6th in Belgium.

is this recpe the original one? I don’t know. I found it somewhere in Internet. if it’s not – I don’t bother – I don’t care. they are very similar, delicious, and, most importantly, the quickest, and the easierst gingerbreads I have ever made. they are perfect if you don’t have much time to do gingerbreads that are time-consuming.


Kruidnoten (Kruidnoot)

Kruidnoten (Kruidnoot)+recipe

Kruidnoten (Kruidnoot)



I can smell the specific scent of spice. cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamon.

the warm, light kitchen. the oven on.

masculine, manful, caring hands around my waist. kisses on my neck. I felt Christmas at the time. they are definitely coming.


Kruidnoten (Kruidnoot)

Kruidnoten (Kruidnoot)

the quickest, the easiest version of a pumpkin cream soup – No. 1

humid autumn. dirty, dismal and sad leaves are lying on a wet ground. it’s raining. probably dull sky above naked trees in my garden has taken umbrage at the earth. or at me. well. it’s possible. I am chesty so I caught a cold again.

5th coffee to keep my mind awake and the quickest, the easiest version of a pumpkin cream soup.

there are plenty of recipes. and every each and one of them is way-out. but if you have just some pumpkin and ginger you will be able to do it. admittedly, I had all ingredients to do the pumpkin soup, full of all these ingredients I missed this time. however, that soup is delicious and I can strongly recommend you this one.



a perfect thing for a sad day – fresh and sweet celery salad

green tea, a warm blanket, and my laptop. it might have been the book I read. but… (there is some ‘but’, as always).

but now I have to write sth, so my book has to wait.

I can’t focus on my work. my thoughts are cruising in the room. they have no place to go and after a moment I can’t breathe.

now I feel that these thoughts are aggressive, tenacious, and attack me.

have to breathe deeply. have to keep my mind occupied…

‘I’ll do a perfect salad for bad thoughts’, it went through my mind and I put the plan in motion.



addicted to baking – plum muffins

even if you enjoy cooking, when you start baking, you can’t stop.
even if you don’t get pleasure out of eating what you’ve done…
even if you are on a diet…
even if you have no experience of decorating your baked goods…
even if your home-made cakes don’t look mouth-watering (but they are tasty)…
as I said, your oven will be your best friend and you will be addicted to the racy fragrance of an yeasty cake in your kitchen. and, of course, you will discover how fun and easy it is.

and even if not very easy – well, it certainly is very fun!








when I pretend I have time… stuffed croissants


I’m not lazy.
I was busy – that’s all. and I dig my heels in do a coffeecake. and my husband will have have a chance to smile during his coffee break.
it’s the same old excuse, isn’t it? and I love it, because it always works.

so, if you are busy as I was – use a puff pastry. it’s perfect, safe, quick, and grand. and, of course, priceless.

combination a puff pastry, which is crisp and hot (taste it just after you’ve baked it), with a gunky and moist peanut butter or sweetness of chocolate mixed with sourness of plum stew that is also moist inside a croissant blend in with one another.

just try do this – and you will see you will do this again and again… like me.




elevenses – praiseworthy simplicity

sometimes my fridge tells me: ‘don’t look at me that way; it’s not my fault, but yours.’

of course, it is. I didn’t do shopping. it occasionally happens. I don’t care. the yesterday dinner is waiting for my husband – enough not to care about the food.

but at 12 (am) I think I’d like to eat something. and my fridge is empty.


these ingredients I have will suffice for me to do a great snack – elevenses – that will be simple and precious due to the high guality ingredients. and it will be enough to feel (during eating) as if  my fridge was full of expensive food.

way-out feeling, you need only try it.

oh, I forgot.

coffee is needed. chicory coffee is ok. e.g if there is an exam session and I try to save myself.


I can’t live without it – that is the favourite breakfast

I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast. 
~Elizabeth II

and I don’t. and it doesn’t matter, because I myself prefer the heavenly combination of buttermilk and muesli. and some drops of raspberry juice. that makes the difference.


meaning every single day

I wake up and I straight head for the kitchen.  in fact for my coffeemaker. because the very first thing early in the morning is coffee.

however, together with the reviving potion goes breakfast. always the same and simple, but always may be in another version and more complex.

invariably I have breakfast  straight after I turn the coffeemaker on. even when it’s 4 am and I get up because there is an exam session and I have to learn. or my plane departs at 5 am. or whatever.

very simple, very nutritious, reanimating, t, with calcium, good bacteria (buttermilk/yoghurt), vitality for a long time because of high fibre content, vitamins B and E for our skin, efficient mind provided by essential fatty acids (muesli), plenty of vitamins (e.g. C, E, and folic acid) in the homemade raspberry juice. and cinnamon to make your morning nice. even if you have your serious exam that day.

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