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spacial pancakes to worm up the atmosphere

again. rain, moisture, fog and grey.

again alone. with the sense that my husband is having fun while I’ m sitting and trying to read or focus on something uppermost.

again that undeminished, depressing rain.

all day.

I will make pancakes.


american pancakes


american pancakes


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american pancakes


american pancakes

do you watch your waistline? [light] buttermilk pancake layer cake

sweet but not too much. filling but light. looks time-consuming but it isn’t. love at first sight. or a bit, a should write.

there are no candles on it. that is not my birthday or name day. this is no occasion at all. today like every day. except the thick frosty fog. much greyer than yesterday.



I can’t fool myself – I am a woman, and every (statistic) woman was on a diet at least one time in her life.

so, of course, I watch my waistline. even if I pretend that I don’t.

if you fancy some sweets and you are on a diet, or just watch your waistline, try this cake. delicious, easy, light and tasty for others (who are not on a diet).

I can’t live without it – that is the favourite breakfast

I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast. 
~Elizabeth II

and I don’t. and it doesn’t matter, because I myself prefer the heavenly combination of buttermilk and muesli. and some drops of raspberry juice. that makes the difference.


meaning every single day

I wake up and I straight head for the kitchen.  in fact for my coffeemaker. because the very first thing early in the morning is coffee.

however, together with the reviving potion goes breakfast. always the same and simple, but always may be in another version and more complex.

invariably I have breakfast  straight after I turn the coffeemaker on. even when it’s 4 am and I get up because there is an exam session and I have to learn. or my plane departs at 5 am. or whatever.

very simple, very nutritious, reanimating, t, with calcium, good bacteria (buttermilk/yoghurt), vitality for a long time because of high fibre content, vitamins B and E for our skin, efficient mind provided by essential fatty acids (muesli), plenty of vitamins (e.g. C, E, and folic acid) in the homemade raspberry juice. and cinnamon to make your morning nice. even if you have your serious exam that day.

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