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warming orange cream soup

I feel orange, without oranges.

like sunny day without the sun that beats down. warm light falls on the worktop and eduses my seams of hope, that goes out and fawns.

my little Berry (my little baby-girl) learns how to use her own voice. from me. and she sqeals.

I drive me hope away. Berry sqeals when she’s fine and wrong, when she’s hungry and frisky. she doesn’t only during eating and sleeping.

I edgily turn the oven on. I will persist in doing this soup. and exactly that I planned. with roasted pepper.

the child have fallen asleep. the soup had a chance to proceed.


carrots, tomatoes, pepper

warming soup

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cream soup



one frosty day of autumn and the chickpea and tomato soup with cinnamon

7 am. window shade up. grey outside.

twigs, leaves and grass frosted over. frostily.

dull colour of sky above. and cloudlets of vapour from mouth. clank of keys and put a stocking cap on a head. quick march and scrunching underfoot. briskly morning.

so the perfect filling and warm soup for a day like today is the chickpea and tomato soup with cinnamon. soup again, I know. however, autumn is the great season to cook soups. so is winter, but there we cook another kind of soups.

well, now I leave you with this excellence.








the quickest, the easiest version of a pumpkin cream soup – No. 1

humid autumn. dirty, dismal and sad leaves are lying on a wet ground. it’s raining. probably dull sky above naked trees in my garden has taken umbrage at the earth. or at me. well. it’s possible. I am chesty so I caught a cold again.

5th coffee to keep my mind awake and the quickest, the easiest version of a pumpkin cream soup.

there are plenty of recipes. and every each and one of them is way-out. but if you have just some pumpkin and ginger you will be able to do it. admittedly, I had all ingredients to do the pumpkin soup, full of all these ingredients I missed this time. however, that soup is delicious and I can strongly recommend you this one.



a perfect thing for a sad day – fresh and sweet celery salad

green tea, a warm blanket, and my laptop. it might have been the book I read. but… (there is some ‘but’, as always).

but now I have to write sth, so my book has to wait.

I can’t focus on my work. my thoughts are cruising in the room. they have no place to go and after a moment I can’t breathe.

now I feel that these thoughts are aggressive, tenacious, and attack me.

have to breathe deeply. have to keep my mind occupied…

‘I’ll do a perfect salad for bad thoughts’, it went through my mind and I put the plan in motion.



in the feasts and weekdays – roasted chicken

I love out-of-the-way, rugged places. For me, holidays are about the experiences, and the people, and the memories, rather than sitting on a nice beach getting tanned. I try to plant myself where I am and embrace what is there in front of me. 
~Evelyn Glennie

in front of me was a beautiful beach with fabulous palms on it. and I really didn’t think I must be there. I thought I need to see more places and stop in more cafés and taste more dishes. Spain is perfect to do these things.

I’m back.

sorry I didn’t alert you.

yes, I was in Spain and I’m here with my head full of pictures and memories, but I’ll write about it later.

I’m tired and my camera is still in the camera case.

for this reason today I will give you the recipe for Succulent Roast Chicken With Vegetables “on my/your plate”.

have you ever seen such a crisp crust?

perfect soup for the busy doing whatever they want

Objects in pictures should so be arranged as by their very position to tell their own story.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

that’s exactly what I think during taking pictures for my dishes..

well, yes, I am busy young wife.

I always do everything on the run: cook, eat, learn, take a shower, do my housework, do shopping, walk (even if want to slow down).
I live on the run.

and, of course, in this whole scrabble with time I try to find a little time for comfort zone. I mean reading a book, cooking or baking and getting a bang out of it.

for this reason I decided to start writing my blog: not to add another obligation, but to coerce myself to take a break in my hurry-up!-life. because now I have to find time to arrange a dish, take pictures, write a recipe… it is time-consuming, bu it’s definitely well worth the effort.

here you are light healthy soup. it’s time-consuming, but it does on its own. so I can just be laid up now.

perfect soup for the busy doing whatever they want.

vegetable cream soup

guacamole muffins a la pie?

r: is it a pie?
m: a pie?


r: it isn’t, is it?

/i’ve heard some sort of anxiety in his voice/

m (laugh): just a guacamole.
r: …sth-mole is a kind of pie?
m: no, it’s made of an avocado.
r: hm. like it.
m: glad to hear it, because it’s green.

/good while of concern/

r: it’s just as well i tasted it in this form. delicious, you know.



in my kitchen there is some rules i respect. one of them sounds: “if you don’t have an excuse to cook or bake sth – establish it”.

so, in the name of that rule, i created one: avocado in my fridge, my husband who dislikes every green mush on his plate and his need of eating a snack during his busy day. enough to do these brill guacamole muffins – granary, filling and spiced.

he fell in love with them.
you will fall in love too.

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