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love, spinach, and green bread

love and spinach? a perfect couple. supposing you are tired of passionate red associated with hot feelings towards your partner.

the truth is that love is actually… green. especially when you have a 4 month old baby and you are exhausted being young mother (parent) and really need just rest. then you’re sick and tired of all these red hearts of Valentine’s Day and sweet pink teddy bears. looking at green color makes you calm and compose yourself. 

so I decides bake a bread. a green one.

unfortunately, after a true challenge for breastfeeding my little baby-girl, I had to yield. I as well-intentioned, I wanted to feed for 6 months… but my child decided otherwise. what a shame…

anyway, now I can eat everything. I can even go on a diet (still have baggage of 3 kg).

my plan of creating a new category went off at half cock. shame again…

there is Valentine’s Day today. celebration of red and pink. but not here. here we have the rule of sensuous green.

spinach bread


spinach bread recipe


spinach bread



my ‘last days of pregnancy’ craving – pear cupcakes full of chocolate

when you think ‘I get all these cravings over me”, suddanly you can see you do not.

couple of days before my  DD (due date) had the strong need of eating chocolate. I felt I really have to capture this particular chocolate bar or that chocolate chip cookie.

it’s not my cup of tea: falling on sweets and chocolate. I don’t really like sugar and all this sweet stuff. so this situation very surprised me. so did my husband.


however I decided to prepare cupcakes by myself not to use ubiquitous unnecessary fat of unknown origin. and another ingredients I don’t know.

so, here you are: moist chocolate pear cupcakes.


pear and chocolate cupcakes


background_paper_43_onOne - Kopia (19) - Kopia - Kopia - Kopia - Kopia


background_paper_43_onOne - Kopia (20) - Kopia - Kopia - Kopia - Kopia


pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes



stores for winter – peach juice

I love it.

the atmosphere of making conserve.

the smell of boiling plum stew, jam, marmalade, confiture.

the sound of poping tops.

the view of filling the store cupboard.


this year I decided to make juices. roaring match to a cup uf tea during winter evenings.


now – peach juice (from polish, small peaches)


peach juice


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peach juice


peach juice

fascination of summer’s flavours – pearmains muffins

acidic apples
light green or yellowish pearmains
like little suns

the last ones
are smiling at me from the basket

redolentt friut can’t get wasted
I have to use them.
in fragrant fluffy pearmains muffins

pearmains muffins apples

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pearmains muffins apples

pearmains muffins apples


pearmains muffins apples

what my husband is able to do – cream soup and white pizza

pale blue walls around me.
typical round lamps above.
metal beds and deteriorated small metal bedside tables.
tiny plastic cups with tablets and pills.

I hate being in the hospital. even if I’m sure that they’re goting to find the reason I have tummy ache and cure me.
on the other hand I love my charming husband. he is able to do things that are beyond his imagination. incredible.

what has he done? beetroot cream soup and amazing pizza.

don’t be delighted: cetring in a hospital is terrible. tasteless, without basic seasoning.
put on weight here – mission impossible.

beetroot cream soup

background_paper_43_onOne - Kopia (15) - Kopia - Kopia

beetroot cream soup

beetroot cream soup

background_paper_43_onOne - Kopia (16) - Kopia - Kopia

background_paper_43_onOne - Kopia (17) - Kopia - Kopia

white pizza

white pizza

white pizza

polish apple charlotte with pearmains

I’m opening the balcony window. I’m going out and sitting on the terrace with a mug of coffee. I’m looking at the orchard.

I’m observing pearmains are ripe currantly. the apple tree seems to be tired of heaviness of fruit. it looks very picturesquely.

first thought – apple pie. during picking pearmains into the bag made by the bottom of my tee shirt, I changed my mind.

that will be an apple charlotte with crumble  – thin, crispy pie crust, thick filling of sourish, melt-in-the-mouth pearmains means: a very Polish apple charlotte.




charlotte recipe




vanilla cheesecake with chocolate and prunes – for rainy days

Who knows how to make love stay? Tell love you are going to the Junior’s Deli on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to pick up a cheesecake, and if love stays, it can have half. It will stay.

~Tom Robbins

… and there is something in it.


a cheesecake is good for everything.
when you celebrate a birthday, good mark in a school, a date, or without any occasion.
when you suffer from a breakup, somebody’s harmful words, bad news, or rainy day.
when you think you can’t do this, you will do it perfectly.

cheesecake is for everyone.
for the eldery, the adult, and the young.
for Everymen and mandarins.
for gourmets and poor eaters.
it is universal.

thus I think a cheesecake outclass all these sophisticated, complex, busy and famous cakes in the world.
because of its simplicity.




r e m a r k: as you’ve arguably noticed, little mistake crept in the title of this recipe.
however you can use ramekins (in a number of 12) and they will be cute and also delicious.



that is not a traditional cheesecake, which I remember from my childhood. this one is moist, gentle, not very sweet that I like and miraculously creamy inside with crispy bottom.


beetroot bread – pink relish

weather. it seems that it will not engross your mind. however, currently it makes me mad.

intense heat then ten degrees and rain; white heat pouring from the sky and next cloudburst with frightening storms.

I’m not sure if my little girl indwelling my bump will fall in love with pink, but in the future certainly will fall for this old pink bread. thanks for beefroots it’s soft, moist, and little bit sweet.

I will never drown out its flavour by unnecessary additions. it tastes the best with genuine unsalted butter.




incredible colour. even if you do not like pink.

beetroot bread

beetroot bread-recipe

beetroot bread beetroot bread beetroot bread

a perfect thing for a sad day – fresh and sweet celery salad

green tea, a warm blanket, and my laptop. it might have been the book I read. but… (there is some ‘but’, as always).

but now I have to write sth, so my book has to wait.

I can’t focus on my work. my thoughts are cruising in the room. they have no place to go and after a moment I can’t breathe.

now I feel that these thoughts are aggressive, tenacious, and attack me.

have to breathe deeply. have to keep my mind occupied…

‘I’ll do a perfect salad for bad thoughts’, it went through my mind and I put the plan in motion.



for (my) consolation – penne with chicken and courgette

“I ate breakfast in the kitchen by candle-light, and then drove the five miles to the station through the most glorious October colouring. The sun came up on the way, and the swamp maples and dogwood glowed crimson and orange and the stone walls and cornfields sparkled with hoar frost; the air was keen and clear and full of promise. I knew something was going to happen. ”
― Jean Webster, Daddy Long Legs


I dig this surety that sth is going to happen. when I am waiting for sth all day.
by this time I am bouncing off walls of my empty flat. and I can’t bear it.

I struggle with a serious disease. sometimes I even think I wrestle with it. and that swine makes me sick and exhausted.

I try to fight but the disease is stronger than me. even stronger than my heart’s desire to be healthy.

it seems to be reliant on my activity. well, on the one hand, it is. but it depends how do you understand the word “activity”. but the truth is, it’s some kind of addiction, so, yes, it depends on me. in reality you feel like be in a cage of your mind, psyche.


I haven’t written about my reason of writing this blog yet. here you are my confession (it sounded too moving, sorry for that). I hope you will my spiritus movens to overcome this disease at last (after five years).

for consolation – penne with chicken and courgette recipe. very quick, easy, and extremely delicious!



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