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candy bars – the best, the easiest

well, I decided to make my husband happier every day.

day after day he will reach into his pocket and find health, homemade (by his beloved wife) and delicious candy bars. believe me: they are as yummy as quick and easy. just try, and you will see that you will never buy shop-bought candy bars. I promise you.




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love, spinach, and green bread

love and spinach? a perfect couple. supposing you are tired of passionate red associated with hot feelings towards your partner.

the truth is that love is actually… green. especially when you have a 4 month old baby and you are exhausted being young mother (parent) and really need just rest. then you’re sick and tired of all these red hearts of Valentine’s Day and sweet pink teddy bears. looking at green color makes you calm and compose yourself. 

so I decides bake a bread. a green one.

unfortunately, after a true challenge for breastfeeding my little baby-girl, I had to yield. I as well-intentioned, I wanted to feed for 6 months… but my child decided otherwise. what a shame…

anyway, now I can eat everything. I can even go on a diet (still have baggage of 3 kg).

my plan of creating a new category went off at half cock. shame again…

there is Valentine’s Day today. celebration of red and pink. but not here. here we have the rule of sensuous green.

spinach bread


spinach bread recipe


spinach bread



spacial pancakes to worm up the atmosphere

again. rain, moisture, fog and grey.

again alone. with the sense that my husband is having fun while I’ m sitting and trying to read or focus on something uppermost.

again that undeminished, depressing rain.

all day.

I will make pancakes.


american pancakes


american pancakes


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american pancakes


american pancakes

vanilla cheesecake with chocolate and prunes – for rainy days

Who knows how to make love stay? Tell love you are going to the Junior’s Deli on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to pick up a cheesecake, and if love stays, it can have half. It will stay.

~Tom Robbins

… and there is something in it.


a cheesecake is good for everything.
when you celebrate a birthday, good mark in a school, a date, or without any occasion.
when you suffer from a breakup, somebody’s harmful words, bad news, or rainy day.
when you think you can’t do this, you will do it perfectly.

cheesecake is for everyone.
for the eldery, the adult, and the young.
for Everymen and mandarins.
for gourmets and poor eaters.
it is universal.

thus I think a cheesecake outclass all these sophisticated, complex, busy and famous cakes in the world.
because of its simplicity.




r e m a r k: as you’ve arguably noticed, little mistake crept in the title of this recipe.
however you can use ramekins (in a number of 12) and they will be cute and also delicious.



that is not a traditional cheesecake, which I remember from my childhood. this one is moist, gentle, not very sweet that I like and miraculously creamy inside with crispy bottom.


beetroot bread – pink relish

weather. it seems that it will not engross your mind. however, currently it makes me mad.

intense heat then ten degrees and rain; white heat pouring from the sky and next cloudburst with frightening storms.

I’m not sure if my little girl indwelling my bump will fall in love with pink, but in the future certainly will fall for this old pink bread. thanks for beefroots it’s soft, moist, and little bit sweet.

I will never drown out its flavour by unnecessary additions. it tastes the best with genuine unsalted butter.




incredible colour. even if you do not like pink.

beetroot bread

beetroot bread-recipe

beetroot bread beetroot bread beetroot bread

a perfect thing for a sad day – fresh and sweet celery salad

green tea, a warm blanket, and my laptop. it might have been the book I read. but… (there is some ‘but’, as always).

but now I have to write sth, so my book has to wait.

I can’t focus on my work. my thoughts are cruising in the room. they have no place to go and after a moment I can’t breathe.

now I feel that these thoughts are aggressive, tenacious, and attack me.

have to breathe deeply. have to keep my mind occupied…

‘I’ll do a perfect salad for bad thoughts’, it went through my mind and I put the plan in motion.



elevenses – praiseworthy simplicity

sometimes my fridge tells me: ‘don’t look at me that way; it’s not my fault, but yours.’

of course, it is. I didn’t do shopping. it occasionally happens. I don’t care. the yesterday dinner is waiting for my husband – enough not to care about the food.

but at 12 (am) I think I’d like to eat something. and my fridge is empty.


these ingredients I have will suffice for me to do a great snack – elevenses – that will be simple and precious due to the high guality ingredients. and it will be enough to feel (during eating) as if  my fridge was full of expensive food.

way-out feeling, you need only try it.

oh, I forgot.

coffee is needed. chicory coffee is ok. e.g if there is an exam session and I try to save myself.


I can’t live without it – that is the favourite breakfast

I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast. 
~Elizabeth II

and I don’t. and it doesn’t matter, because I myself prefer the heavenly combination of buttermilk and muesli. and some drops of raspberry juice. that makes the difference.


meaning every single day

I wake up and I straight head for the kitchen.  in fact for my coffeemaker. because the very first thing early in the morning is coffee.

however, together with the reviving potion goes breakfast. always the same and simple, but always may be in another version and more complex.

invariably I have breakfast  straight after I turn the coffeemaker on. even when it’s 4 am and I get up because there is an exam session and I have to learn. or my plane departs at 5 am. or whatever.

very simple, very nutritious, reanimating, t, with calcium, good bacteria (buttermilk/yoghurt), vitality for a long time because of high fibre content, vitamins B and E for our skin, efficient mind provided by essential fatty acids (muesli), plenty of vitamins (e.g. C, E, and folic acid) in the homemade raspberry juice. and cinnamon to make your morning nice. even if you have your serious exam that day.

perfect soup for the busy doing whatever they want

Objects in pictures should so be arranged as by their very position to tell their own story.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

that’s exactly what I think during taking pictures for my dishes..

well, yes, I am busy young wife.

I always do everything on the run: cook, eat, learn, take a shower, do my housework, do shopping, walk (even if want to slow down).
I live on the run.

and, of course, in this whole scrabble with time I try to find a little time for comfort zone. I mean reading a book, cooking or baking and getting a bang out of it.

for this reason I decided to start writing my blog: not to add another obligation, but to coerce myself to take a break in my hurry-up!-life. because now I have to find time to arrange a dish, take pictures, write a recipe… it is time-consuming, bu it’s definitely well worth the effort.

here you are light healthy soup. it’s time-consuming, but it does on its own. so I can just be laid up now.

perfect soup for the busy doing whatever they want.

vegetable cream soup

evening with warm apples under crisp little blanket

we’re lying on the couch. together but separately. each with a book.
piped music. our favourite – the soundtrack to “Amelia”.
soft but terrific, blithe but stirring.

everything we needed was a good, gentle, not very sweet and warm dessert . both crispy and smooth, dry and moist. something with fruit. oh, perfect.

I love crab apples. they are small, red as that fruit from ‘the Snow White…’, and little bit tangy. and lovely.

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