when my life turns upside down

there are few certain things can turn life upside down.

love, wedding, that first time, pragnancy and finally – birth.

the interesting thing is that when you fall in love, you think that nothing can change your life more… and then you decide to marry someone and only before the altar looking your bridegroom-to-be in the eye, you realize which the border you cross.

but that’s not the end of the story.

when you fancy that this change is beyond your wildest dreams – you conclude you’re pregnant. and now everything seems to change – but primarily in your mind and body – early when you can see your Midget on USG, then looking at your growing bump and feeling fetal movements of the baby and finally when you broke your waters and you are sensible of starting labour.

and then you have no doubt that if you survive the chilbirth you’re a true hero and hardrock.

then you have completely different attitude towards mothers (bearing in natural way). full of respect.

now you know, that nothing will change your life more than coming your baby into the world.


* * *

So, Hanna (for Mommy and Dad: Hania) came into the world. and I am proud of myself that I was able to birth such a beautiful, healthy baby-girl with shock of dark hair and big dark eyes.

she has wise look and disarming smile of Jappanese’s tales of “pokemon”* : eyes like two crescents and cakehole like upturned letter “D”.

now I can hardly focus on anything else than looking at her. even if there are days of sadness, pain of her little belly, weeping and tears…

even though – I am happy (young) mother.


*Jappanese’s tales of “pokemon”- is’t about this famous Jappanese (?) cartoon about the creatures which (only) recall animals and call pokemons.

little head of a baby

today, there’s no recipe. too emotional post to think about food.

however, I decided to add a new category because of breast-feeding: recipes for nursing mothers, called “nursing mother” and I’ll add to this category also previous recipes.


none of these picture is taken by myself.

/my Little Princess won’t be shown in the Internet, sorry/

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