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candy bars – the best, the easiest

well, I decided to make my husband happier every day.

day after day he will reach into his pocket and find health, homemade (by his beloved wife) and delicious candy bars. believe me: they are as yummy as quick and easy. just try, and you will see that you will never buy shop-bought candy bars. I promise you.




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my ‘last days of pregnancy’ craving – pear cupcakes full of chocolate

when you think ‘I get all these cravings over me”, suddanly you can see you do not.

couple of days before my  DD (due date) had the strong need of eating chocolate. I felt I really have to capture this particular chocolate bar or that chocolate chip cookie.

it’s not my cup of tea: falling on sweets and chocolate. I don’t really like sugar and all this sweet stuff. so this situation very surprised me. so did my husband.


however I decided to prepare cupcakes by myself not to use ubiquitous unnecessary fat of unknown origin. and another ingredients I don’t know.

so, here you are: moist chocolate pear cupcakes.


pear and chocolate cupcakes


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pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes


pear and chocolate cupcakes



vanilla cheesecake with chocolate and prunes – for rainy days

Who knows how to make love stay? Tell love you are going to the Junior’s Deli on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to pick up a cheesecake, and if love stays, it can have half. It will stay.

~Tom Robbins

… and there is something in it.


a cheesecake is good for everything.
when you celebrate a birthday, good mark in a school, a date, or without any occasion.
when you suffer from a breakup, somebody’s harmful words, bad news, or rainy day.
when you think you can’t do this, you will do it perfectly.

cheesecake is for everyone.
for the eldery, the adult, and the young.
for Everymen and mandarins.
for gourmets and poor eaters.
it is universal.

thus I think a cheesecake outclass all these sophisticated, complex, busy and famous cakes in the world.
because of its simplicity.




r e m a r k: as you’ve arguably noticed, little mistake crept in the title of this recipe.
however you can use ramekins (in a number of 12) and they will be cute and also delicious.



that is not a traditional cheesecake, which I remember from my childhood. this one is moist, gentle, not very sweet that I like and miraculously creamy inside with crispy bottom.


one of perfect presents – healthy oatcakes

“Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!”

~Amanda Bradley

of course, that is the most important in celebrating. but what about celebrating all these things during a party when you are a guest?


when you think about your relative’s or friend’s name day – immediately thoughts about a present appears in mind. and then one another one comes: what should I give him/her?

there are some interesting solutions this dilemma. books (that I prefer if I know a birthday person), CDs… and more, that you can buy.

but you don’t have to buy – what with sth you can do by yourself? I am not so talented doing DIY, but I thought about baking. unfortunately, ‘casual cake’ doesn’t look attractive as a present. for this reason, I decided to do special cookies. healthy, not very sweet, perfect if you watch your waistline. and perfect as a companionship for tea or coffee.

if you want to relieve your ‘cookie present’ – just souse them into melted chocolate. if you wish, sprinkle with chopped  peanuts or desiccated coconut mixed with cocoa powder until chocolate solidifies.


when I pretend I have time… stuffed croissants


I’m not lazy.
I was busy – that’s all. and I dig my heels in do a coffeecake. and my husband will have have a chance to smile during his coffee break.
it’s the same old excuse, isn’t it? and I love it, because it always works.

so, if you are busy as I was – use a puff pastry. it’s perfect, safe, quick, and grand. and, of course, priceless.

combination a puff pastry, which is crisp and hot (taste it just after you’ve baked it), with a gunky and moist peanut butter or sweetness of chocolate mixed with sourness of plum stew that is also moist inside a croissant blend in with one another.

just try do this – and you will see you will do this again and again… like me.




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