vanilla cheesecake with chocolate and prunes – for rainy days

Who knows how to make love stay? Tell love you are going to the Junior’s Deli on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to pick up a cheesecake, and if love stays, it can have half. It will stay.

~Tom Robbins

… and there is something in it.


a cheesecake is good for everything.
when you celebrate a birthday, good mark in a school, a date, or without any occasion.
when you suffer from a breakup, somebody’s harmful words, bad news, or rainy day.
when you think you can’t do this, you will do it perfectly.

cheesecake is for everyone.
for the eldery, the adult, and the young.
for Everymen and mandarins.
for gourmets and poor eaters.
it is universal.

thus I think a cheesecake outclass all these sophisticated, complex, busy and famous cakes in the world.
because of its simplicity.




r e m a r k: as you’ve arguably noticed, little mistake crept in the title of this recipe.
however you can use ramekins (in a number of 12) and they will be cute and also delicious.



that is not a traditional cheesecake, which I remember from my childhood. this one is moist, gentle, not very sweet that I like and miraculously creamy inside with crispy bottom.


3 responses to “vanilla cheesecake with chocolate and prunes – for rainy days

  • Karolina

    Wow! it’s absolutely gorgeous, so creamy…and You’re right, cheesecake is good for everything!

  • Jody and Ken

    Cheesecake, GOOD cheesecake, that is, is my bête noire. It’s just so goddamned good–and this one (ricotta! mascarpone! PRUNES!!) sounds excellent. I don’t understand Americans’ reluctance over prunes. Every decent grocery in France sells prune yogurt. Eastern Europe seems to have made an art of prune pastries. But in the US…. nada. Great recipe, and I like your photographs. Ken

    • mollisia

      You’re quite right! in Poland we have very strong tradition using prunes – for example compote with dried friut (including apples, pears and prunes-very important ingredient). most of all prunes are present during Christmas and Easter. And as you’ve said, Slavic cuisine is famous for using prunes. And I dig prunes, so I’m glad that I can buy them easily : )

      So, try to make this cheesecake – it’s fabulous! :)

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