one of perfect presents – healthy oatcakes

“Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!”

~Amanda Bradley

of course, that is the most important in celebrating. but what about celebrating all these things during a party when you are a guest?


when you think about your relative’s or friend’s name day – immediately thoughts about a present appears in mind. and then one another one comes: what should I give him/her?

there are some interesting solutions this dilemma. books (that I prefer if I know a birthday person), CDs… and more, that you can buy.

but you don’t have to buy – what with sth you can do by yourself? I am not so talented doing DIY, but I thought about baking. unfortunately, ‘casual cake’ doesn’t look attractive as a present. for this reason, I decided to do special cookies. healthy, not very sweet, perfect if you watch your waistline. and perfect as a companionship for tea or coffee.

if you want to relieve your ‘cookie present’ – just souse them into melted chocolate. if you wish, sprinkle with chopped  peanuts or desiccated coconut mixed with cocoa powder until chocolate solidifies.


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