“creating the close kindship between bloggers and readers”

“These people aren’t your friends, they’re paid to kiss your feet.”
– Radiohead

hm, these lyrics bring sth to my mind…

I am lying on my bed with a laptop on my knees and browsing food blogs.

and I noticed the interesting phenomenon of creating  the mocked close kinship that bloggers build between themselves and readers. they approach to them directly, writing in the manner as though they were his or her (author of a blog) close friends. it may be irritated. but ‘the best’ thing is, on those blogs there are not-so-good-quality photos and some sort of ‘sheet of a diary’ with description of his/her spouse’s desires or child’s progression. and plenty of locutions suggesting that the blogger shares with readers (casual or not) his/her private life. and there are no comments there at all.

I’m not sure what should I think about that phenomenon. it’s noticeable among Polish blogs. fortunately, I found some amazing and admirably written blogs to follow. however, there are just only two or three Polish blogs…

have you noticed this phenomenon in a blogosphere? what do you think about that? is there sth wrong in that?

I am curious about your opinion, so… don’t be shy to leave a comment ;)

and for you – some photos of this year’s autumn..

2 responses to ““creating the close kindship between bloggers and readers”

  • just try eat

    WOW, Polish blogs? Awesome,Here I am :)
    You know what? I dont want to defend myself or any others, but seriously..Ive been thinking a lot and I noticed something quite different. Bloggers seems to be very nice, so kind to each other that it is almost impossible. Who knows what kind of person are you, or me in our real lifes? Maybe Im just a weird, angry woman? :)
    But what about those comments? Those are always nice, kind, good, positive- is that possible?:)
    I have no idea who you are, but you’ve got great pictures here and I think, this is a good reason to visit you blog.
    I don’t have such a good pictures, but I’ve got something interesting to tell people and maybe teach some of them a few diet rules.
    Actually Im a new here ( since May) and maybe Im wrong, but I like beeing a blogger and I like this crazy bloggospher :)
    Have a nice evening

    • mollisia

      well, yes. the truth is that those bloggers I’ve mentioned, write/behave as they don’t notice that there are no readers on their blogs. in spite of it, I don’t think it’s wrong. it may be irritated. that’s all. you know, I’ve just noticed that phenomenon.

      * * *
      I remember your blog quite well! and I really like your way of writing. it lets a reader see/read much more than it’s written. I saved your blog to visit it more often. I do a good job writting about healthy lifestyle and diet rules!

      thank you for comment and very nice words of compliment! I hope I will see you here (sometimes ;-))

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