elevenses – praiseworthy simplicity

sometimes my fridge tells me: ‘don’t look at me that way; it’s not my fault, but yours.’

of course, it is. I didn’t do shopping. it occasionally happens. I don’t care. the yesterday dinner is waiting for my husband – enough not to care about the food.

but at 12 (am) I think I’d like to eat something. and my fridge is empty.


these ingredients I have will suffice for me to do a great snack – elevenses – that will be simple and precious due to the high guality ingredients. and it will be enough to feel (during eating) as if  my fridge was full of expensive food.

way-out feeling, you need only try it.

oh, I forgot.

coffee is needed. chicory coffee is ok. e.g if there is an exam session and I try to save myself.


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