guacamole muffins a la pie?

r: is it a pie?
m: a pie?


r: it isn’t, is it?

/i’ve heard some sort of anxiety in his voice/

m (laugh): just a guacamole.
r: …sth-mole is a kind of pie?
m: no, it’s made of an avocado.
r: hm. like it.
m: glad to hear it, because it’s green.

/good while of concern/

r: it’s just as well i tasted it in this form. delicious, you know.



in my kitchen there is some rules i respect. one of them sounds: “if you don’t have an excuse to cook or bake sth – establish it”.

so, in the name of that rule, i created one: avocado in my fridge, my husband who dislikes every green mush on his plate and his need of eating a snack during his busy day. enough to do these brill guacamole muffins – granary, filling and spiced.

he fell in love with them.
you will fall in love too.

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